Saturday, January 23, 2010

DO NOT Use eBay Automatic Listing

I recommend you do not use the automatic relist feature on eBay if you have a store. If, God forbid, eBay has any reason to cancel your auctions you will not be able to see many of your items to relist them. I am in the middle of this right now. I had over 600 auctions running and suddenly I have 0. My store was cleaned out. I was told that this was done because one of my accounts had been snipping. That's another story, all I can say right now is that my items are not expensive and my income is made on repeat customers to my store. I actually do not care much about the auctions especially with how lousy the business does using auctions. The auctions were closed and that is understandable but all my other items were closed also and I was told that I can not get any of the fees back and would have to relist everything. I can not list auctions for 14 days but I can list to BIN or fixed auction format. If this is the case why did they close all my auctions making it impossible for me to get the information needed to list them? I am on my second day and currently have 200 items listed but now I am at a standstill because I can not locate anything that was automatically relisted by eBay. I know you might say "Why do you stay there?" and I am starting to wonder the same thing in a huge way right now too.

Of course I am just a small seller that has been making more money for eBay than for myself over 10 years but the corporate face of this company does not see fit to consider the little guy. Hey we stopped a sniper, they don't care if anything actually went on or not. I just can't understand why if they have all my item histories that there is no way to tap into the items after they so " thoroughly " wipe them from the system. Maybe they are mad because my credit card would not go through last month to pay my bill and I did not update it as quickly as they wanted. Whatever, don't use automatic re listing on eBay.

Here is the real kicker in my story. Over the week after the holidays I spent money and a lot of time advertising my ebay store and then yesterday all the people using the links went to empty pages. No hundreds of photos to choose from no weekly sale, just the store heading for All Vintage Photographs. I also pay money to AdCommerce an ebay company to have extra advertising for my store and items and do you think ebay bothered to stop those click through ads from showing since they were so nice as to end everything?
I just checked AdCommerce and guess what? My busiest day for clicks, making payment due to eBay was at the highest yesterday.

PS ... If you use a program like turbo lister it does not seem to matter.

I am upset right now and venting, I guess I should be looking for a new auction site. I do have things up at Bonanzle but that place is still not as popular as people there like to think. Ruby lane charges a huge set up fee and monthly fees plus a $.30 listing fee for each item. 

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