Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to Donate for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Below are a few links to reputable places you can send donations

Donate using Paypal - this link allows you to choose from anyone of the many places to send money using a Paypal account. If you are like me and know that you have funds in Paypal that are easy to transfer this is the place to go. Hit the donate button and it will take you to a pull down menu of all the available charities.

Donate Using PayPal

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Organization put together by former Presidents of the US
Save the Children
The children need you
Healing Hands for Haiti
Help to heal Haiti
Donate to care
Hope for Haiti
Give these people hope
UN Central Emergency Response Fund
American Red Cross
A reliable place to send your donations
Link to Dozens of Organizations
with Phone Numbers Included

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