Monday, January 22, 2007

It Has Begun - I Think

Therefore I am ...... WoW - I wonder how many times I can undo ? I went a bit crazy with all the options on here laying out fonts and color schemes. This is just so easy. If you check out my web site which has been just a front for years - since I need photo hosting for ebay I figured I would express myself with the space available.
I remember when I first got onto the web and what a frightening task it was. I ended up dishing out $4 grand to lease a "web site" what a joke. What a rip off. I never used anything they had to offer other than the space. It was just so messy trying to follow all the file protocol and passwords and such. Net70 otherwise Virtual Merchant and I paid out the nose for what I did myself for all those years just waiting for the computer to catch up to me. I must say I was highly disappointed and gave up on the internet ever amounting to much more than it was. I am so glad that some people were out there with faith and creativity to put all the little things together making things more than easy for an old disenchanted "pro"

I thought I would just get this blog going but I have been having fun so here I sit. I watched Imus in the Morning today - his show became a part of my nightmares. Not that the show is scary or anything like that. I just tried to fall asleep with the TV on.

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