Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Strand Into the World Wide Web

I was just going to try and use a new extention I have with Firefox to publish directly from anywhere onto any blog pages you might want to. I have never done anything in a blog fashion but I was thinking about my artwork and the fact that I might, so to say, kill two birds with one stone. (I would never kill a bird) in fact you might want to check out the one that I saved, well kept warm until it gained conciousness the other day.

(link is below)

Anyway I had thought that I spend so much time trying to get things together for my stock photos at auction and even more time experimenting and photographing that I would put my things up here. Then I read the terms of use and, of course, it does make sense, the use of this site for commercial advertising is not acceptable.

That does not mean I am not going to try to keep this going. I am not sure if this is just a diary for me to keep track of my life or a report going out across the internet. I guess both, multi-tasking seems to be the only way to go these days. And I am certainly in that category. I wish my computer could keep up and not get overwhelmed so much when I try to use a photo editing program and such.

Well this is just a start and I have to see how this thing works and lays things out. I don't know if I can even put photos up here but then I guess I can I see a Html editor. Now if I want to put a photo up here do I have to load it up onto my host page with the FTP ? ..... questions, questions. Oh, I see that there is a spell check on this. I have one that lets me know as I type but all the words are not included and I keep trying to fix words that are already spelled correctly. The computer has come a long way from my first year trying to figure all things out. Now it seems that the brilliant minds that were so long kept at bay are fixing the things I only wished would work. There are even many things that I did not think of that have changed my internet time, making things flow with ease. :)

AHA - I see that I can add photos .... looking good :)

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