Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fracking, is a Dirty Word or Am I Spelling it Wrong ?

Fracking, the ' Evil Doers ' newest weapon.

This is the writers opinion of the facts as found to date. I am willing to listen to any facts that refute my thoughts because I do not want to feel this way. Scared and confused once again at the way things are unfolding around me. 

The post is about an evil doer, the 'people we elected to frack us up' a/k/a the government. It is also about a different kind of weapon. A weapon that is pawned off as the answer to all our problems, Fracking.

After watching the documentary Gasland II I thought again about signs I have seen on some roads around home in NE Pennsylvania protesting the corruption of the water. I never thought it was something like this nor did I think of it being right here in my area. I put down a few thoughts regarding this mess that we the people are allowing to happen. I am trying to reason out why the supposed smart people in the US Government are being so stupid.

The onslaught of 'fracking'  is like the ultimate horror movie with an all dead ending. I can not believe how big business is controlling the government. Even worse I can't believe that people are being so blind about this. Not a lesson learned from the past. It amazes me that some people believe fracking is done so well that nothing could go wrong. Don't they see how we are going from a bad source of energy to a worse source of energy. How is it possible after the scamming tales used to convince us that smoking was ok we are allowing them to preach how good fracking is. It is sad that a following of sheep has been created. Wake Up! big business will later dictate a price to their sheep that makes energy costs of today look small. This seems like one more grab at the easy way out and this grab is sure to put the final nail in our coffins. What I don't understand is how the government can say they are for the people and blah, blah, blah while laying out spots all over the world that will be used for future fracking. That one bit of information gave me the goose bumps and the ultimate belief that stopping the "fracking of Mother Earth" has become a loosing battle. I believed in President Obama until I saw what he and Hillery Clinton have set for the future of fracking. The word fracking seems to be the perfect descriptive word for fracking, It fits in so well, for example: Bend over we are going to Frack you and smile with appreciation while we  do. I am starting to believe that all things in the future of the world is indeed dictated by big money. Do you think any of the top percentile in the world are now or will in the future suffer from cold ?  

This is a serious question 

Who is the guy in the armor suit sitting behind the lead walls?  Who is the ultimate puppet master in all this ? The guy who has never been for want of anything and builds his walls higher and deeper with every breath ? The guy who thinks he is God and ultimately can use anything and anybody as he sees fit ? Yes, I said God and if you don't see anything wrong in the way the world is spiraling out of control you must be one of this self appointed Gods minions.That begs another question that is too complicated to get into right now. 

After seeing how fracking is done and hearing about the earthquakes that come almost daily in Arkansas I got my answer to a question that has been bugging me. How it is possible to have an earthquake in Pennsylvania? I almost bought into the miss-directional stories that " records are not kept and detection devices were not as good as they are now ".  I hear the same stories when there is lightning during a winter storm but that is another can of miss-direction that I won't get into at this time. My brain can only handle so much BS before I have to find a dark corner and silently scream. 

It is unfortunate that the only ones with the ability to do something about 'fracking' are so easily convinced that this easy way out is the right way. I should not be that surprised when some still don't believe in Global Warming. The advertisers that are responsible for getting people to believe what that guy in the armor wants them to believe are good at getting their job done. They are the real 'Mad Men' and after 50+ years of successful practice they are mega dangerous. The government is just another of the puppet masters employees and surprise,  they are very good at doing what they are told. I am beginning to believe not the government but the money holders a/k/a the puppet master have a bunker built and ready with plans to ride out the horror they have unleashed on the earth. No one can be this stupid. Perhaps the puppet master and his closest minions have something up their sleeve that will allow them to carry on after the horror story they have set in motion ends for most. I dare you to learn as much as possible about fracking and tell me why you want to have it done in your back yard. 

Before and after fracking 

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