Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Do Poyvore Sets for Free Advertising Fun

This is one of my latest design sets made using the super easy and free site. One of the great things on this site is that you don't have to add your own photos until you know what your doing or you don't ever have to add photos because there are thousands to choose from.

I did not read much on the hows and whys to use this site. I just started because I love art and design. Now I think that by making my own sets they are not only great advertising but when someone else uses any of my images I get advertising on that item. Your items will have a link to the original site and you have the ability to add a price and a description if you like. Then when they are used in a set each item pops up with this information and the link.

I use it to make sets of my favorite Zazzle works. I don't think that you are able to put in a reference code so using your own stuff is key. I added the image used for the Kitty Jewelry from one of my Squidoo lenses the link goes back to my lens.

All in all it is a fun and learning experience.

Below is just one of my Zazzle design sets with the fractal design Citrus Flavor of Flame of Fury

When you see the set it will have all the items that were used in it alongside the page with the information for each item. When you hover over an item with your mouse you will see it as shown below. Like I said it is just plain fun to do, most of the site is filled with fashion. Just click on any of the images here to check it out.

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