Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help Flat Chested Anxiety

So many women feel uncomfortable and fearful psychologically because of their breast size. I just discovered what I am doing wrong and why I often get this feeling. I don't spend any time watching women's sporting events. After 10 minutes watching the Olympic Women's Water Polo event I feel more than adequate.

I don't mean to say that anyone in water or gymnastics sports can not be bigger than a 'B' cup. At least I never heard this rule but with my limited knowledge of sports it might be one. What I know of physics dictates that in this case less is more advantageous, the old 'less is more' rule that my mother always  told me when applying make up. 

The only problem now is that my anxiety of being flat chested is replaced with a new anxiety, lack of more than house cleaning physical fitness. This however is something I can fix all on my own if I actually wanted to. In the end the old standby out trumps this anxiety ..... procrastination.

Anxiety is a psychological state in which a person has an uncomfortable feeling of fear and concern.

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