Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Finally ??

Ok, the health care reform is finally the "Law of the Land" and as I hear it many people feel that the President should have been zeroing in on the economy instead. So if that is what you believe why not question the Republicans who are instilling only the negative into what is going on in Washington. If they would have been spending less time fighting to stop this bill the economic problems would be further along.

Upset that the insurance companies and special interest groups may suffer because of this historic bill? I think anyone in there right mind that feels this way is involved monetarily with these groups.

I simply want to say what the photo above does Republicans & Democrats need to lean on each other.
I made this design when President Obama got into office and you can get shirts, hats, mugs, computer bag, buttons, magnets, stickers, keychains and more to unite your work groups.
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