Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wen Hair Cleanser

I saw this on TV and just had to try it. I went to eBay and bought it even though I thought the price is a bit much I just felt the need to treat my hair. When I first used it my scalp tingled and it was a bit uncomfortable. But it was tolerable and did not last very long. When I was combing out my hair I noticed that my nail polish, a clear strengthener, was stripped here and there. I thought that Wen was supposed to be chemical free? In the long run my hair came out really nice and soft and smooth. It is super clean and shinny. The second time I use the product my scalp did not tingle or burn but the same thing happened to my nail polish. I am thinking it probably has a lot to do with the brand used but it does seem strange.

The cleanser comes in a pump bottle and you are supposed to use 20-30 pumps and comb it through your hair before leaving it on for 3-5 min. It states that you can then add a few more pumps after rinsing and leave it in. I have not done that. I don't think that the product is going to last very long and I am just not willing to pay the high price for it. Maybe I will have a change of heart when I have to use shampoo and conditioner agian. Depends on how my hair looks then.

All in all I think it is worth trying at least once. Be sure that you have a wide tooth comb or a pick to comb it through your hair in the shower.

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