Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get This Design Out To The Republicans and Democrats

I am getting more and more confused about the health care program the US is currently debating but what I do think is that the Republicans and the Democrats need to work together. I put this design together and you can get it on t shirts mugs, carry bags buttons and more.I have it copyrighted but want it to become the logo of people who feel this way. Pictures like this say a thousand words and is perfect for a group who just want the government to start to act like adults.

We've got to start somewhere and those who work in jobs putting them on the front lines of the political wars should wear these proudly.
Get a discount on products purchased in bulk. I am sure you know more than one person who feels like you and I do regarding this subject.

Visit  and get your hands on these great items now to get your feeling through,

This design is copyrighted ..

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