Friday, October 2, 2009

eBay TRS - WTF is Going On ??????

I am really p.o.'d. I have spent a lot of money preparing for what eBay announced as the TRS (Top Rated Seller) program. Over the summer I actually received telephone calls from ebay telling to get ready for all the changes forthcoming to the site. So like an dummy I did. Yesterday was the first day of this new program and I spent more than ever on listing new auctions and fixed price items to sell. Surprise, surprise .... I was not made a TRS. I saw the badge and the special search forms on my auctions over the last few evenings. I guess I was just a part of some getting ready program. I saw these things and was more confident than ever that I was to be put into this program. Hence I spent more money to list. There has been very few buyers over the last couple weeks and again I assumed ( making an ass out of me ) that this was because the site was being prepared. Hence I prepared even more items for sale sending my payment due skyward.

I am venting here .... there is a poll on the top right of this page about how you feel eBay treats it's sellers.


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