Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zazzle Adventures Continued

My Zazzle shop adventures are still going on. I opened a few more shops and I hope you get to visit them. If anything checking one out will get you to Zazzle where you can start your own shop.

My next shop was for mousepads only. Pads Galore

I had mentioned that I became enthralled with fractals and since I have so many I opened a shop for them.

Fractal Play

The fractal that I was proudest of is a design that was made from just one fractal and I put it together in variety of colors and wanted to get it out there for kids. I called this one Booby Bird and he has a story to tell....

Hello .......

I would like to help you get to know me better and see what a great wholesome critter I am.
I was the first of the Booby Birds and all those other Boobs were cloned from me..... don't believe it if they say different. Believe it or not I am 100% fractal and was created quite accidentally. I guess I am what one might refer to as a happy accident. I live in a computer at my loving creators home and hope to be able to come live with you too. I don't live alone nor are my only mates the Booby Birds
Others reside in our computer home and are equally loved around here. Some of my house buddies include a sad lot who simply go by the Oh No gang and they have a couple cousins who are tagged as Frowny. But then there is a crew know by the name Cloudy and they are a true smiley bunch. I will have to ask them if they would let me put links from here into each of there dens. You may have seen one or two of them on eBay or perhaps one of the other places they hang. You will have to come back because I am sure that they would love to get to know you.

This is a one of a kind design I want to share and let Booby Bird fly out to all.


"Booby Bird" is ready to help you create your child's special environment. Every baby shower I have ever been to - or nursery I have seen has one common theme that makes it unique to that baby. We are all familiar with the endless variety of commercial designs that surround thousands of babies. With "Booby Bird" on these new designed products you can be certain that your baby's first footprints in life establish a unique and individual memory.Your son or daughter can cherish "Booby Bird" as the first recollection of home and eventually share some interesting "Booby Bird" items you've saved with their own children.

~~~ Keep a journal for important dates in babies first year

Use a matching keepsake box to store all the little treasures you gather over this bonding time with your child. With the solid wood keepsake box you will always have a special place to preserve these momentos.''''

In time you will come to realize what genuine treasures you have stowed away. < style="color: white;">Be it a lock of hair or some nail clippings, a tooth or pacifier all will be stored lovingly to put a smile on your face in years to come.
~~ Now available you will find a vast array of items from invitation cards and babies day journals to onesies, bibs even a stuffed teddy bear ...

add a tote bags to carry any of the piles of "Baby Booty" diapers, bottles, toys and clothes "Booby Bird" will oversee baby's booty on this two sided tote bag. Additional items currently with this design include both a pillow

and more.
Many products can be found at my Cafepress Store

I do hope you find me or one of my clones a place in your, or your kids life. We love kids, kids of all ages and will be available on numerous items to suit one and all.
You know our mom ...... she will be happy to hear from you and so will I so message me :)

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